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The most celebrated time of the year for home, hearth and family is upon us!  At no other time of the year is such an emphasis put on “home.”  Everything from classic carols to greeting cards, “Home for the Holidays” is a heartfelt, reoccurring theme.  As a Livermore Valley Real Estate agent, it’s great to see that where people live plays such an important role in the holiday season.

Whether you are a new homeowner in the Livermore Valley, CA area, or you’re a long-time resident, displaying your holiday spirit through holiday decorating is a great way to show that your home is the place for family gathering and celebration.  Consequently, if you have a for sale sign in the front of your home this can attract additional attention from those searching for a Livermore Valley home!

As a Livermore Valley Real Estate agent, I can attest that potential buyers are paying attention this time of year.  How you take care of and present your home, even during the holidays, can speak volumes to interested Livermore buyers.  If you plan to sell your Livermore Valley home in the upcoming year, tasteful exterior decorating can make a lasting impression.  Now, while it may be tempting to try to compete with Livermore Valley’s seemingly world-famous Christmas decorators; there is no need to go overboard to keep up with the wattage next door.

Not only can excessive decorating look, well… excessive, but it can put a damper on money and energy saving goals.  If you are hoping to be a little more eco-friendly this holiday season, below are some great tips!

1. Use LED Christmas Lights –
LED Christmas lights consume 90% less electricity compared to regular Christmas lights and regular incandescent bulbs. As an added bonus, they cost only about $10 for a strand of lights.

2. Fiber Optic Decorations – The best way to utilize energy efficient decorations is through fiber optic decorations and trees. These trees have a single light at the base to light up the entire tree along with the decorations.

3. Timing Christmas Lights – Do not turn on the Christmas lights during the daytime. It is a waste of energy and electricity and no one can really enjoy looking at the lights during the day. Use a timer to automatically switch on lights when it gets dark and switch them off when there is plenty of natural light.

4. Tree On, Lights Off –
When the tree is lit, there’s no need to have other lights on. Not only will you save energy from turning off unnecessary lights, but you will also enhance the festive atmosphere.

5. Go Classic- Classic holiday looks begin with evergreen wreaths and pine boughs with accents of red velvet ribbon.  Highlight this vintage decor in the evening by having energy efficient, green-colored bulbs near your entryway and in the foyer.  The less-is-more approach will give your home a stately holiday image.

For those of you who prefer the grandeur of many strings of lights, but lack the time or patience to deal with them, hiring a professional decorating service to deck out your Livermore Valley home could be a great option.   No ladders or no tangled cords can help reduce stress this holiday season.  Just make sure all lights are LED!

Holiday decorating is a great part of the holiday experience and can become family traditions. Each year can bring another decoration and another memory to an ever-growing display!  However you choose to decorate and celebrate the holidays in Livermore Valley, allow your pride of ownership and your enjoyment of the holidays shine through!  As always, if you have any questions about homes in Livermore Valley or are hoping to sell your Livermore Valley home in 2011; feel free to contact me!  I look forward to helping you through the Livermore Valley Real Estate market!

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