Host a Holiday Party in Livermore Valley – Easily!

The holidays offer a great opportunity to do something special for our friends and neighbors in Livermore Valley.  One of the most meaningful gestures you can make is to invite them into your home.   As your Livermore Valley Real Estate agent, I’ve been to many fine Livermore Valley homes this time of year and I’m happy to share these hosting how-to’s.

Atmosphere- Start by creating a warm, inviting atmosphere. If you have a fireplace, keep it low enough to create an effect without making more heat than necessary.   And while candles add a special glow, if young children and pets will be present, put safety first.  Use battery-operated candles instead of  flame-and-wax candles in glass jars.

Your holiday décor should compliment, but not overwhelm, the feel of your home.   Much is said about glitter and glass for holiday parties, but too much takes away from the purpose of the gathering.

Stick with accents that make sense, such as a holiday table runner that compliments the bow you have on your holiday wreaths.  Your accents should include holiday couch pillows, throw blankets, guest towels, and area rugs. Colors and themes should carry from room to room.

If the wow-factor is your style, strands of interior lights can be used to brighten fireplace mantles, entertainment centers, and the tops of hutches and kitchen cabinetry.   Follow the lighting scheme of your tree for a coordinated, balanced effect.

The comfort of your guests should be a priority.  Be sure there are plenty of places to sit and relax, yet enough open area to encourage mingling.   Lighting should be subtle.  Music should be played softly, enough to enliven the atmosphere without being too much to talk over.

Food- Comfort foods and snacks should be in ample supply and immediately available.  Keep in mind the palates of your guests and stock accordingly.  Serve healthy options such as a veggie and dip platter and fresh fruit slices.  Holiday staples such as cheese spreads, crackers, dips, nuts and candies should also be on hand.

If you’re a holiday baker, nothing smells more inviting than fresh baked breads and cookies.  Not much of a pastry chef?  Ask your  friends to help by bringing their favorite treats.

Your beverage offerings should always include traditional favorites such as hot chocolate, ciders, and egg nog.

Wine- In the Livermore Valley area, wine has an important place at the table.  You could host a casual wine and cheese-tasting.   Ask your friends to “rank” their favorites and make note of their preferences for future gatherings.

Invitations- A sincere invitation extended through a personal phone call is all you need to get the party rolling.  Keep the expectations simple.   A friendly get-together for a couple hours is as appreciated as a big spread. What to serve may also be decided by asking your guests what they would enjoy when you invite them.

Gifts- And while not required, you may want to surprise each guest with a small gift.  Simply put a numbered holiday tag under each chair and couch cushion.  Have a matching tag on certain tree ornaments, table decorations, or goodie bags that you are giving as gifts.  As your guests choose their seats, they’ll have already determined a gift for themselves.  You simply announce that there is a “present” tag under each seat.  Your guests get the fun of searching for the gift that matches their tag.  It’s a great icebreaker or a fun way to end the gathering.

Most of all, take the opportunity to express your appreciation to your guests for who they are.  They will remember your beautiful Livermore Valley home and your warm hospitality for years to come.  As always, if you have any questions concerning Livermore Valley Real Estate or have your sights set on a beautiful Livermore Valley home that is currently on the market; let me know!  I’d love to help you along each step of the way of the Livermore Valley home buying process.

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