Days of Wine and Homes in Livermore Valley!

Of all the topics in Livermore Valley, there are two specialties that come up in conversation wherever I go – wine and real estate.  The interesting similarity between them is the concern about aging.

When speaking of Livermore Valley wines, aging is generally regarded as a positive.  Many people assume, sometimes incorrectly, that older is always better with any bottle of wine.  Yet there are many elements that affect the peak of flavor, and each wine has a distinct timeline of maturity.  

For example, a good Chardonnay may peak within 2 to 6 years of bottling.  Varieties of Syrah enjoy longer maturity, stretching from 4 to 16 years.   Then you have White Zinfandel which does not benefit by aging and is best enjoyed fresh.

In regards to Livermore Valley real estate, the perception of aging is quite opposite. Namely, the less time a home spends for sale on the market, the better.   However, there are many aspects that affect the number of days on market. Each area and price range will have its own example of “normal.”  It’s important to understand these relationships and how they impact you as a buyer or seller in Livermore Valley.

Let’s look at some local activity.  Statistics shown in my prior blogs illustrate that Pleasanton and Livermore homes priced under $299,000 have brisk sales; the average days on market being 34 and 37, respectively.

The upper mid-range shows more variables.  Homes priced from $500,000 to $749,999 have an average of 56 days on market in Pleasanton.  The same price range in Livermore currently averages 125 days on market.

The pendulum swings back towards Livermore’s favor on the high end of the price range.  Homes priced at one million dollars or more averaged 88 days on market in Pleasanton, but in Livermore, this price range averaged only 39 days on the market.

Why are some price ranges moving faster than others? What should you expect as a buyer or seller in today’s Livermore Valley home market?  Contact me and I’ll share my expertise with you!

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