Livermore Valley Welcomes First-Time Home Buyers!

As any renter in Dublin, Pleasanton, or Livermore knows, the cost of an apartment in Livermore Valley seems to rise every year.  Changes can happen in building ownership and management.  Lease contracts continually grow in complexity. Given the trend of more expensive rents with more restrictive leases, you may find yourself paying more for less the longer you rent.

Shouldn’t you be the one calling the shots when it comes to how you live? And wouldn’t you prefer to pay for your own home each month, rather than support your landlord?

Most people would agree that owning a home is preferable to renting. Of course there are circumstances where renting makes sense, but too many people find themselves trapped in rental increases that make it difficult to get ahead.

This is exactly why some would-be buyers lack the essential down payment for a home. The good news is, buyer assistance programs are available to help you get started! When you combine these resources with the affordable Livermore Valley home market, you have great opportunities for the first-time buyer.

For example, here’s some recent statistics from my prior blogs:

  • Dublin:  32 homes for sale under $299,999, averaging 72 days on market.
  • Livermore:  48 homes for sale under $299,999, averaging 56 days on market.
  • Pleasanton: 16 homes for sale under $299,999, averaging 40 days on market.

As you can see, there are affordable homes available in Livermore Valley, but they are moving on the market!

To get yourself moving, visit these websites for Livermore Valley home buyer assistance:

City of Dublin First Time Homebuyer Loan Program

City of Livermore Housing and Human Services

City of Pleasanton First Time Homebuyer Programs

California Housing Finance Agency

California Department of Veterans Affairs

These are just a few of the excellent resources available to first-time buyers. In some instances different assistance programs can be layered to maximize your buying power.  An experienced loan officer or mortgage broker can make the most of these programs, and help you find the best solution for your needs.

Livermore Valley welcomes first-time buyers by providing some of the best loan assistance programs in California.  So why pay rent any longer? Let me help you make the move from renter to home owner. Get ready to say goodbye to your landlord, and contact me today!

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