Home Sales Strategies for Livermore Valley!

The complexity of today’s real estate market has kept many people out of the game. First-time home buyers are waiting to see if prices will fall; homeowners are waiting to see if prices will rise. Efforts to time the market do not a strategy make!  The surest way to miss a good opportunity is by staying on the sidelines.

It’s true that the number of distressed properties on the market affect home values. This doesn’t mean it’s impossible to sell your home – or to get a good price for it. Each home for sale in Livermore Valley has competition, but understanding the local market and having a sales strategy makes the difference.

If you’re thinking of selling your Livermore Valley home, start by considering your motive and sense of urgency. For example, if you have a financial hardship, and your home value is less than your mortgage, try a short sale. The first step would be to contact your lender for the requirements. The next would be to obtain a free market analysis of your home.

Short sales require patience. Sellers need to comply with all bank requirements for income and asset documentation. Buyers need to prove themselves qualified and make an offer within fair market value. Lowball offers cause rejection by the bank and a re-start of the process. If the bank needs approval from a third-party investor, which is often the case, this phase can take several weeks by itself.  Short sales work best when all parties understand the timeline, and agree to abide by the bank’s rules. 

If you are a traditional home seller, you will have competition from short sales, foreclosures, and bank-owned properties. How this affects your pricing depends on the number of such properties in your area, and on your own sense of urgency. The good news is, not all buyers are interested in distressed properties!  Some homes will appeal strongly to bargain-hunters; others to first-time buyers, others to move-up buyers, or relocating executives. Knowing how to market to the right audience is critical; this is why working with an experienced real estate professional is so important.

Keeping your property in the best possible condition – at all times – will help you when it’s time to sell. Don’t let routine maintenance slide, or small projects go unfinished!  It can become daunting down the road when you suddenly find yourself with a honey-do list a mile long. And if repairs are left undone, buyers will discount the purchase offer accordingly.

As your Livermore Valley real estate professional, I study our local markets and keep on top of the latest sales trends. When you’re buying or selling a home in Livermore, Pleasanton or Dublin, I’ll be ready to help you! Always feel welcome to contact me with your real estate questions.

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