8 Tips to Sell Your Livermore Home for Top Dollar!

By now you’ve heard that home inventory throughout Alameda County is seriously low. Barring any economic whammy, we’re going to have California home buyers who are anxious to capitalize on low rates and reasonable home prices, while we have homeowners who can’t, or won’t, sell their homes.  Throw in the shrinking supply of distressed homes, and you have a recipe for rising prices!

That isn’t to say that home sellers can run away with the market. Stingy bank appraisals can still hold back a sale, so over-pricing your home rarely turns into cash. However, there are smart ways to make sure your Livermore home listing gets buyer attention and the best possible offers! Here are a few ideas from my own experience, along with some tips from AOL real estate.

1. Price your home competitively. Nothing starts a buyer stampede like a terrific deal. Think about how you react when you find a bargain – you get excited. You know the deal isn’t going to last. You take action.  This is how multiple offers are created that can boost your home sale price well above your original list price. What’s more, multiple offers can be a way to prove a higher market value to the home appraiser.

2. Avoid marketing gimmicks. I don’t use them anyway, but beware of sales techniques that are based on more flash than substance. Buyers see through this and suspect the home is overpriced or has some other defect.

3. Throw in a bonus. Offer a home warranty, or a year of paid housecleaning service, or lawn care. If there is a personal artifact you can bear to part with, anything from a pinball machine, to a piano, to a large flat-screen TV – consider including it in return for a full-price offer.  Note: this is only attractive if the object in question is in good working order. Have a cash value determined for any service or item you decide to include.

4. Vamoose. Don’t stick around during the showing appointments. It makes buyers nervous, and they feel as if they are imposing.  This is a great time to take your mastiff for a walk and make sure your home is welcoming, rather than intimidating.

5. Take down the family shrine of photos. The buyers can picture themselves in your home more easily if they aren’t overwhelmed by photos of the current owners. This is part of your transition, and you’d have to do it as some point anyway.

6. If the walls look  bare, hang up some simple, inexpensive artwork that compliments the room interior.  Add a vase of fresh flowers in rooms that could use more color or a focal point.

7. Do some staging that says “welcome guests.”  Things like having a pitcher of iced tea and four glasses on the table. Or, a bottle of wine in an ice bucket with elegant stemware placed around it. Display a small platter of snacks, such as fruit. Depending on the season and the type of home, you can set the dining room table, or set up a picnic atmosphere on your outside deck. Your buyers might just be tempted to stick around and write an offer!

8. Work with an experienced real estate professional who knows the local market and has a proven track record of success! Like me!

Now is the time to make your home selling plans!  As your Livermore Valley real estate professional, I will provide you with a comparative market analysis and all the recent home sales data. I will also provide you with an expert marketing strategy to sell your home quickly and for the best possible price!

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