7 Reasons Not to Sell Your Livermore Home as a FSBO!

Livermore Home SalesLivermore home sellers are riding the wave of the market, as we continue to see price gains and multiple offers. As hoped, we are seeing more new listings arrive as more sellers attain equity. The challenge for home buyers is, the listings are going under contract about as fast as they come on the market!

Some homeowners feel so confident about the market, that they are tempted to try selling their home themselves! Of course, there are for-sale-by-owner services popping up again, trying to tell you how easy it is. These opportunists don’t really care if you sell your home or not, because they make money by charging you an up-front fee.

Here are some cold hard facts to consider before you try to sell on your own:

1. For-sale-by-owner (FSBO) home sale volumes have declined. In 1991, about 19% of the market nationwide consisted of FSBO’s. In 2012, only 9% of the market consisted of FSBO’s.

2. Nationally, the average selling price of a home listed through a real estate professional averaged $215,000. Comparable properties offered as FSBO’s averaged a selling price of only $174,900.

3. Home buyers prefer to work with real estate professionals. 89% of home buyers bought their home through a real estate professional.

4. Automated home value tools that you find online can be inaccurate by tens of thousands of dollars. They are a starting point for discussion, but these tools cannot factor in your home condition, amenities, curb appeal, and other details that a real estate professional includes in a comparative market analysis.  It doesn’t make much sense to worry about saving money on commission if you are shorting yourself on the home price.

5. Real estate professionals like myself don’t make a dime unless a deal gets closed. We don’t push people, however; we educate them, and help match up the right buyer for the right home.  All of the up-front expenses are covered, whether or not the home sells.

6. Think of all the first-time home buyers in the market – they represent nearly 40% of all buyers. FSBO sellers simply do not have the time, information or resources to assist first-time buyers. This effectively removes a good chunk of buyers from looking at FSBO homes.

7. Negotiation is an art, and real estate professionals are trained in it. It’s beneficial for all concerned to have an experienced professional involved.

Naturally, I could list more reasons not to go it alone, but you get the idea! I will also mention, though, that market conditions can vary widely from one neighborhood to another. Even similar houses on the same block can have material differences in value. Plus, the Livermore real estate market is always changing, and keeping up with it is truly a full-time career.

Let me tell you how I can sell your home for the best possible price! If you are thinking selling your home in Livermore, Pleasanton or Dublin , please contact me! My many years of experience in California real estate will be your competitive advantage!

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