How to Sell Your Livermore Valley Home as a Dog Owner

dogAs a Livermore Valley home seller with dogs, I’ve got some unfortunate news: not everybody likes dogs. I know, it’s hard to believe. But some people are scared of them, and some are allergic. So when selling your Livermore Valley home, it’s important to remember this. You want to do everything you can to portray your home as a pet-free environment.

As your Livermore Valley real estate agent, I’ll be the first to admit that this is easier said than done. As pet owners, we often become immune to the sights and smells of our pets and our homes. So, if you’d like a neutral opinion to come in and let you know what needs to change, I’m your guy!

In the meantime, plan ahead for showings and open houses by following these steps. That way, as soon as you have an interested Livermore Valley homebuyer, you can show the house and hopefully get it sold quickly!

  • Have your home deep cleaned. This means having all of the carpets cleaned and vacuuming everything, including furniture (in between and under cushions), under beds, behind dressers, inside cabinets, and anywhere that pet hair might have collected. Scrub everything, and if possible, have the home professionally cleaned to be on the safe side.
  • Give your yard a cleaning. The last thing you want is for a potential homebuyer to step into a pile of something unpleasant. Go around with a ‘pooper scooper’ and clean up all the piles. Be sure to also get rid of toys, dishes, etc. in the yard. A nice-looking doghouse can remain, as long as it’s in the corner of the yard and looks visually appealing.
  • Clean before each showing. Once the deep cleaning is done, you still want to breeze over everything before each showing, to get rid of the latest fur, toys and aromas. Wash your windows of nose smudges, Swiffer your hardwood floors, dust and vacuum rugs. Have a bin prepared to throw all of your pets’ belongings in, such as toys and dishes.  Have a couple air fresheners on hand, too.
  • Make your dog disappear. Whenever a showing or open house is scheduled, make sure to take your pets for a walk, find a neighbor or friend who can take them, or take them to a nearby park. It’s very important that the pets aren’t there when potential homebuyers are. If you absolutely can’t find somewhere for them to go for every showing, make sure they are in a cage or outside, and make sure to let your real estate agent know beforehand.

I love pets as much as you do, but I’d hate to see you lose a potential homebuyer because they don’t like them. So if you have dogs, or any other type of pet, follow these instructions. If you have any questions about this, contact me, your Livermore Valley real estate agent!

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