Exterior Maintenance to Do Before Your Livermore Valley Home Sale

YankeeHomesteadAre you gearing up to sell your Livermore Valley home? The home-selling process begins with getting your home ready to sell. This means cleaning the home, organizing your possessions, decluttering, depersonalizing and staging. As your Livermore Valley real estate agent, I want to remind you to include the exterior of your home in your plans, too!

The exterior of your home is the first place that potential homebuyers will see, either in a photo or a drive-by. Most homebuyers will judge a house by its exterior, similar to judging a book by its cover, so keep this in mind! Curb appeal is all about making your exterior look clean and inviting.

As a Livermore Valley home seller, be sure to pay attention to more than just the front entry. While the front entry is front and center, serious homebuyers will look everywhere.

Here’s a great checklist from Realtor Magazine when preparing your home for a sale:

  • Organize and clean the garage. If your home includes a garage, that will increase your home value, but don’t turn away homebuyers as soon as they see it! Of course they’re going to look in the garage, so invest in some trays, bins, shelves and whatever will help organize everything in the space. Hang items on wall hooks, clean the walls and floors and park the cars inside the garage. If you have an abundance of large items, consider renting out a storage space while your home is on the market.
  • Wash and fix patios and decks. Homebuyers love an outdoor entertainment space, so make sure it looks good! Stain your deck if needed, pressure-wash the deck and patio bricks, and wash all of your outdoor furniture. If your space is cluttered, store some of your outdoor furniture away. Trim around this space. Consider adding potted plants to make it look more inviting.
  • Fix up the home’s exterior. This means power washing the sides of your home, the windows and the garage door. Even clean the mailbox! Fix peeling paint and trim, and consider purchasing new house numbers if yours are old, rusty or worn. Replace burnt out lights. Stand away from the house and look at it from a neutral viewpoint. Ask a friend or neighbor to do this with you.
  • Make the yard spotless. Make sure that all garden supplies, toys and anything else in your yard is neatly stored away. Fix sidewalk or driveway cracks, trim bushes, mow the lawn and water the grass if necessary. Add colorful flowers or planters if you don’t have gardens for a boost of curb appeal.

These are all great steps toward making your home memorable to Livermore Valley homebuyers! If you have questions or are ready to begin the home-selling process in Livermore Valley, contact me! I’m ready to help!

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