Simple, Cheap Ways to Keep Your Livermore Valley Home Safe

keys in lockWith homeownership comes the responsibility of keeping you, your family and your home safe. Luckily, there are some very simple and affordable methods to doing so!

As your Livermore Valley real estate agent, I recommend making your home as safe and secure as possible. This is especially true when selling your Livermore Valley home. You never know if a potential homebuyer is actually a future burglar in disguise. (This is why it’s smart to only consider pre-qualified buyers! You know they’re serious about buying.)

To help you keep your home secure, here are some simple methods to use:

  • Install surveillance cameras outside of your house, by your front door. You don’t have to install a pricey security system that’ll cost you thousands. You can even turn webcams into security cameras! Or, find some old cameras from a thrift shop. Even if they don’t work, they might work to deter burglars.
  • Remove papers from your front yard. If you receive newspapers, or fliers, check your yard and doorstep often for these, and remove them. A burglar will sometimes plant a flier at your door, just to see how long it’ll stay there. If you’re on vacation, have a neighbor collect these for you.
  • Keep bushes and trees trimmed. This will prevent burglars from having anywhere to lurk and hide out in your yard. Try to keep large bushes and shrubs away from your windows. While this helps with home safety, it also helps with curb appeal when selling your Livermore Valley home!
  • Purchase timers for your lights. These are cheap contraptions that can let you know when there is movement outside of your house, and they can help keep energy costs down by not having your lights on all the time. Inside timer lights are great for keeping your home safe while sleeping.
  • Don’t update your social media status to say you’re away. You don’t want to broadcast to the world that your house is empty. Have a neighbor collect your mail and possibly mow the lawn, and keep your home looking lived in. Post your photos from a trip on social media once you come home.
  • Buy a fake alarm system decal. Like I said, security alarm systems for the home are a great investment, but they do get pricey. If you can’t afford one right now, purchase a decal for your window so that people think you have one. eBay has plenty!

For more ideas, check out this list from Buzzfeed of 21 ways to cheaply and effectively deter burglars.

Fortunately, the Tri-Valley area is consistently listed near the bottom of the list when it comes to crime rates in the country. So don’t get nervous! It’s just always smart to be safe as a homeowner. For more tips, or for help selling or buying a Livermore Valley home, contact me! I’m ready to help!

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