How to Holiday Decorate as a Livermore Valley Home Seller

Christmas_treeIf you’re selling your Livermore Valley home this winter, congratulations! As your Livermore Valley real estate agent, I shared in last week’s blog post why now is a great time for you to sell. Contact me with questions or to begin the home-selling process.

You might be wondering if you should decorate for the holidays when selling your Livermore Valley home. I say go for it! Most people appreciate a festive home this time of year. You don’t want your house to be the only dark, drab house on the street.

However, there are some tactics that you should use as a Livermore Valley home seller so as to not make your home look tacky or overdone. Here are tips that I’ve collected:

  • Keep it classy. Don’t go overboard and decorate every inch of your house in garland, glitter and little knickknacks. When staging your home to sell, you want to take away the clutter and show off the ample space. Same is true with holiday decorations. You don’t want them to make the house look cluttered. Choose a few sophisticated, classy accessories for each room and stick to just those.
  • Keep it neutral. As a Livermore Valley home seller, you should always try to keep your home décor neutral so that it attracts all types of buyers and allows them to imagine living there. In other words, you don’t want your personality to shine through. Same is true with holiday decorations. Stick with seasonal items over religious items or homemade kids’ crafts. Excellent options include an arrangement of pine cones covered with white glitter, poinsettias on the fireplace mantel, or hanging snowflakes.
  • Keep it tidy. While you don’t want the décor to be too personal or too cluttered, you also don’t want it to be messy, or worse, dangerous. If you have a tree or other lights hanging inside or outside, be sure to hide all the wires and keep them out of walkways. Avoid lighting candles in busy areas of the home where they could get knocked down. Try to decorate with a theme in mind, such as the rustic outdoors, or perhaps in all white.
  • Keep it seasonal. Your home might still be on the Livermore Valley real estate market after the holidays, so if you haven’t had your listing photos taken yet, take down your decorations for the photos. You don’t want holiday listing photos being displayed mid-January! After the photos are taken, you can show off your décor again for showings and open houses.

While you should get to enjoy holiday decorating just like everyone else this time of year, the key is to keep it classy, clean and sophisticated for Livermore Valley homebuyers. If you have any questions about this, contact me! As your Livermore Valley real estate agent, I’m always here to answer questions and help you through the home-selling process.

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