2014 Design Trends for Your Livermore Valley Home!

Sunlight RoomI hope you had fun ringing in 2014 this week in Livermore Valley! As your Livermore Valley real estate agent, I want to fill you in on what’s ahead for real estate and home trends in the new year.

First off, if you’d like to buy a Livermore Valley home this year, now is the time to do it! Mortgage rates are expected to rise, so the sooner you buy, the more money you save. Plus, if you buy soon, you’ll beat the rush of homebuyers that will appear on the market in a month or two.

If you’d like to sell your Livermore Valley home, 2014 is your year! According to Housing Wire, the west coast states lead in rising home values. Home prices and home equity continue to rise here in California, making it the ideal time to sell! If you wait, you’ll have more competition from other home sellers and from new construction. Sooner is better.

Whether you’re buying, selling or staying put in your Livermore Valley home, everyone enjoys learning about the latest home design trends. Here’s a rundown from Realtor Magazine of what is expected to be trending in homes this year:

  • Wider reclaimed wood and porcelain floors. For whatever reason, wooden floorboards are getting wider and are cut from a variety of tree species, giving them stained or patterned looks. Porcelain flooring is becoming popular too because of its durability and unlimited styles.
  • Simpler cabinets, bigger drawers. I don’t think any homeowner would mind having larger drawers! Warm gray tones are replacing oranges and browns, with less visible hardware and more modern doors.
  • Paint palettes. Warm grays are popping up everywhere for 2014, including the walls. Light, fresh corals, sea greens, lavenders and misty blues are also expected to gain popularity, according to Kelly-Moore Paints. Deep, romantic hues look great offset by neutral beiges and off-whites.
  • Indoor-outdoor living. Blending indoor space and outdoor space is an ongoing trend, with homes adding more large windows and French doors that lead to the outside. Solariums and screened or covered porches that connect to a patio or pool are also popular home features here in California.
  • Wireless technology. Homeowners are upping their technology systems. From programmable thermostats or lighting systems, to security systems and entertainment systems, more and more digital technology is being added to homes to make them fast and easy.

For more home trends for this year, check out the rest of Realtor Magazine’s predictions here.

When you’re ready to buy a Livermore Valley home or sell your Livermore Valley home, contact me! If you have questions about the Livermore Valley real estate market, contact me. As your Livermore Valley real estate agent, I’m here to help you in any way that you need me!

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